Sustainable and Responsible Travel

At The Den Corbett Resort, we recognise the privileges and responsibilities of being part of the community and are committed to celebrating local culture, supporting the domestic economy, and minimising our impact on the environment. Operating sustainably inspires and drives us to better serve our guests, develop our teams and plan for the future. These long-term goals are as important to us as creating memorable travel experiences for each of our guests.

We recognise that The Den Corbett Resort is located at a unique destination and faces different local challenges and opportunities for sustainability. The basis of our efforts are the same -- a firm belief that we can deliver distinct, memorable experiences for our guests while operating responsibly.

Our Motto is “Act Locally First”

  • We educate our leaders to procure our daily consumption of products and materials from nearby local markets. Our motto is "Act Locally First"
  • Our resort interiors are mainly decorated with local artisans' paintings and wooden furniture; by doing this, we promote local Kumaoni culture & heritage & provide work & recognition to the local community
  • We use recycled material to accentuate our interiors
  • We often invite cultural dance performers to entertain the guests at the resort to promote and educate the guests about Kumaoni culture
  • We also have Kumaoni Hut Restaurant, which only serves local Kumaoni cuisine

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

  • To reduce plastic usage, we provide reusable wooden soap/shampoo/moisturizer dispensers instead of plastic bottles
  • We have stopped providing private bonfires in rooms & common areas to save trees
  • We have replaced plastic mineral water bottles with glass water bottles filled with RO water
  • We also segregate our garbage
  • We have installed a natural composting system in our resort to reduce waste
  • We also do not cut trees for expansion of the resort and have tried to work around them to build new cottages
  • We have planted many fruit trees like mangos, litchi etc., so birds & monkeys have enough to munch on. We have also built a few birdhouses
  • We follow organic vegetable farming at the resort
  • We do not use any pesticides, Insecticides to maintain our gardens and plants. We use only natural fertilizers for the same
  • As our resort is located in reserve forest land, we respect wild animals and their habitat. We also educate and guide our resort guests on the same