Our History

2011 – 2022
The Den Corbett Resort & Spa was built for family and friends but with time we added new cottages & rooms to our resort. Today we feature 55 expansive suites & each one of them has its own traditional & timeless story to tell.

1989 – 2011
The Den Corbett was built in 1989. The resort area was a hunting ground of the British in India. Just adjacent to our resort stands a Government declared heritage British rest-house constructed in 1902. 

1973 – 1989
The Park is India's First Tiger Sanctuary to come under Project Tiger.

1957 – 1973
The Park was renamed to honour the hunter - naturalist turned author & photographer, Jim Corbett who lived in this region and contributed to setting up the park.

1934 – 1957
The Park is declared a National Park and Corbett helps define the boundaries. It is one of the oldest & most sought-after national parks in India known then as Hailey National Park.

1910 – 1934
Jim Corbett gives up killing a mere sport and becomes the saviour of the villagers, delivering them from man-eaters.

1900 – 1910
Jim Corbett leads shikar parties and kills two man-eaters

1884 – 1900
Jim Corbett shoots his first leopard at the age of eight and gets addicted to hunting.

1858 – 1879
The Forests were declared as reserved forest lands under The Forest Act.

1820 – 1850

Forests were mercilessly felled for timber by British rulers.

1815 – 1820

The land was the private property of local rulers before being taken over by the British Empire.